Pacific Abode is built on two fundamental elements: service and value. Our mission is simple: to disrupt the traditional, antiquated real estate industry with something befitting of the 21st century. Virtually all industries have progressed, thanks to the latest technological developments, and yet the real estate market is still painfully stagnant and lacks creativity.
It’s filled with jargon and self-righteous ‘experts’ who do little to actually present you with all of your options or position you and your property in the best way possible. When was the last time you saw an agent present a detailed property analysis that went beyond the status-quo ‘comparative market assessment,’ and actually detail your property’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a plan to correct or minimize those weaknesses? When was the last time you saw an agent precisely define your home’s target audience and then tailor a marketing strategy to reach it? We do all of this – and more.
And we don’t do this to brag about our sophisticated service or inflate our competitive edge – we do it because it works and that’s how we believe it should be done. We do it to provide you the most opportunities for success and the absolute best in service.



Andrew Vagley is the owner and principal broker of Pacific Abode. He hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and lives in Irvine, California. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy and former Marine officer with two combat deployments to Afghanistan under his belt, he doesn’t shy away from challenges. After falling in love with HGTV during his college years and having a horrendous experience with a real estate agent as a first-time homebuyer, Andrew decided he could do things better and started his own brokerage. His one rule: don’t subscribe to the status quo. 

In addition to being a licensed real estate broker, Andrew is a licensed General Contractor and owner of Pacific Abode Contracting, which compliments his real estate activities by offering clients integrated services, such as pre-sale home improvements, post-purchase renovations and a start-to-finish 'Buy-Design-Build' program tailored for investors or those homebuyers looking for a fixer-upper. 


“When I first started this company, I looked at what every other real estate agent was doing and I said to myself: ‘don’t do that – find a better, smarter way.’”

If you were to peel back the layers of service in the real estate industry, you’d discover that across it consumers are paying heavily for cookie-cutter service that doesn’t provide much at all. The industry is rife with antiquated methods and perceptions, and few (if any) agents are forced to justify their fees because the market is monopolized. 

This bugs us. A lot. And we know it bugs you too
- so we've come to fix it.


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