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January 24, 2019 - No Comments!

How to WIN BIG with a New Home

If you are in any way just a bit familiar with the new home buying process, you’re probably aware that builders are sticklers when it comes to their prices. The ‘Plan 1’ you’re interested in costs ‘X amount,’ plain and simple. Builders almost never negotiate on pricing.

And when the housing market is booming, those prices that builders almost never negotiate typically go up – just like any other home seller. But what happens when the market isn’t booming? What happens to those prices that builders almost never negotiate?

If you’re interested on how to win big with a new home, keep reading and you’ll find out!

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February 21, 2018 - 63 comments

How to Hire the Right Contractor

I’m guessing you’ve watched a 30-minute episode of Property Brothers or Fixer Upper or any other home renovation show on HGTV and thought to yourself: ‘Hmm, that doesn’t look too hard.’

Well, think again. My very first renovation project had a budget of $20,000. I was going to be done in two weeks. $60,000 and 3 months later I was finished. I was an unprepared newbie who had built up too much confidence from watching HGTV and DIY clips on YouTube – and I paid for it.

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