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Our selling strategies are developed from in-depth research and analysis for each property and designed to increase your property’s marketability and value. We focus on extensive preparation so that your property is appropriately and aggressively positioned within the market to make the right impact, sell fast and sell high.

We focus a lot of energy on how your home is presented – whether it’s ready for the open market or if it needs our unique transformation services.
And because we care so much about transparency and communicating our value to you, we prepare our research, preparation and marketing strategy and present it to you in a professionally designed listing proposal that also discloses your financial projection, our actual cost, and a timeline estimate. You won’t find another brokerage that puts as much time and critical thinking into providing you a complete picture detailing exactly what they’re going to deliver you.



Reaching the right people is absolutely essential for a successful sale. Your property may be fabulous but if it's not shown to the audience really interested in buying it, then it can linger on the market for months. That's why our initial research is critical because it allows us to devise a unique marketing strategy for your home and target the people most likely to buy it with an intelligent marketing campaign.
Our marketing is intelligently designed to capitalize on the specific information your home’s target demographic wants. Selling a historic home is completely different than selling a beach-side cottage – and the messaging has to match. By understanding who your most likely buyers are we’re able to target them very precisely with the right messaging about your property.


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