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Everything You Need to Know About the VA Loan

It's the best d*mn guide to the VA Loan: The #1 home-purchase loan for Active-Duty and Veterans. In depth, informative and written by a Marine Veteran – so you know it’s good to go.

The VA Home Loan is by far the best financing option for Veterans and Active Duty. Its greatest benefits are:

  • No down payment required up the county limit
  • No mortgage insurance
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Limited closing costs

These benefits only begin to scratch the surface, though.

The VA loan is extremely versatile in both how it can be used and your options with it. And because it's backed by the Department of Veteran Affairs, there are less stringent qualifications that make it easier for you to get approved. The biggest benefit to it is that it's designed to protect you, the borrower.

Did you know you can use your VA loan for a fixer-upper? You can finance BOTH the purchase price AND up to $35,000 for your renovations. Did you know you can use the VA loan multiple times, simultaneously - or that the underwriting process for VA loans is generally smoother and quicker than conventional financing? Or how about the fact that in 2018, the VA loan limits are increasing - by a lot.

Maximizing your benefits with the VA loan requires a clear understanding of how it works and what your options are with it. It's also good to have both a lender and a Realtor who are intimate with the VA loan on your side when you're ready to buy.

Download my free VA Loan Guide to get the inside scoop on the best home financing product for Veterans and Active Duty. It'll teach you everything there is to know about the VA loan, review estimated closing costs so you're prepared for what it takes to get into a home and it compares the VA loan with several other popular financing products.

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